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Miracle Eyebrow threading's  providing a happy and postive enviroment while giving you the best service as possible for all our customers needs . Our stylist and esthetician are certifed and equiped with all tools to provide you the best service. We promise you the moment you step in the salon and leave you'll feel happy and  look even more charming .

Client Testimonials

​​Best place to get your brows and face threaded. Laleh does fantastic job. I've been there twice so far, no complaints here . My brows came out looking fantastic both times.      CAMILLE R

The customer service was outstanding the store manger, was the one who assisted me and she allowed me to explain to her how I want my eyebrows to be. I also got my upper lip done. It feels so soft, totally better then waxing i'm coming back for sure.      Alejandra N.

I just had the best experince here, this is my new "go to" place!! She was kind, knowledgeable and talented. I am 100% confident in her ablities.   Tiffany

Laleh is amazing! After some over-zealous plucking back in the 1990's ( I blame Drew Barrymore and watching Mi vida loca) I was conviced I had ruined the texture and shape of my eyebrows permanently . Thanks to Laleh's skillful threading my eyebrows are symmetrical and beautifully arched for the first time in....forever! Very talented, kind and with a fun sense of humor.    Megan L.

Its always scary trying a new hairstylist but Laleh was highley recommended and for good reasons. Laleh 
is the best ,she thread my eyebrow and tint it best sheap ever . I cut and color my hair in my second visit and I loved  it .      Amanda

She picked a right name for her place . She is very friendly and sweet . I had a facial, it was so relaxing the best facial I have ever had . I'll be back for ,One stop and I can get everything's done .   Alex

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